Although our time was cut a little short Monday, we did get to cover most of requirement 6 and touch on 7 and 8. For our next session on 10/22, please make sure you complete workbook sections 1 to 7, and bring the completed workbook with you. We will be reviewing requirements 8 – 10 at the next patrol session meeting on 10-22, so please read this information in your merit badge book. Also, please continue to track your weekly income and expenses, and bring this information up to date so we can sign off on it as well.

Thank you for those who brought their completed workbooks to the meeting, to allow us to review and can sign off on those completed requirements. Attached is the latest tracker to see where each Scout stands on completing the Personal Management requirements.

Parents – Requirement 8 is to develop a “to do” list of tasks or activities, such as homework, practices, jobs, chores, and personal projects that must be completed in the next week. This “to do” list can be written down on page 19 in the workbook. Then use the seven day calendar in the workbook to place the tasks and time. Then after the week is up, write down when each “to do” was completed during that week. The idea is to understand that we must plan our weeks in advance, although things change each day, and we must be flexible with our schedules at times. This would be a great opportunity to discuss time management with your Scout.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Doug Turner and Perry Walter – ASM