These classes will be engaging and thorough, taking all our Scouts through core requirements for each badge.  They will also require real WORK that each Scout must complete on their own; participating in each of the online sessions will NOT earn you a badge!  You need to apply yourself and complete each task to make progress!

Before we begin, please review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Once you have reviewed the FAQ, please begin your badge work by following the steps below (parents, print this for your Scout or share this with them electronically.  Have them go through each step…remember, this is THEIR Merit Badge to earn!)


Step 1:  Send an e-mail to your Scoutmaster TODAY letting them know that you are going to be doing an online Merit Badge with Central Florida Council.  In that e-mail, send them the link below and ask that they click the link and submit approval for your participation.  It will take them 2 minutes and will help them stay “in the loop” on your progress!

Scoutmaster Approval Form Link:

Step 2:  Download the REQUIREMENTS listing for the badges being offered. 

Review the requirements for PUBLIC HEALTH (page 3).  Those that are in darker text will be covered during each online session or be part of a focused activity you will do at home; requirements in lighter text will either not be covered, or will require follow-up work after sessions are complete.  Our sessions will only cover 80%-90% of the requirements…it is up to YOU to complete this badge.

Step 3:  Familiarize yourself with city, county, or state health agency (Req 7b) 

Complete the Req 7-PH Online Form: 

Step 4:  GOOGLE!  Do a search for “public health” and spend some time reading a bit more about current events and how public health impacts our community, country, and world.

Step 5: Join our PBS Online Study Class!

Click this link: 

Click the link at the bottom of the pop-up window that says “I need to sign up!” and create a user name.

Enter your name (it will only require your first name*) and join the class.

You will get an assignment during Session 1 by e-mail that will use this class portal.

*If you have multiple Scouts in one household, make your name YOUR LAST NAME and the word “Family” so all Scouts get credit.

NOTE:  If this does not work for you, do NOT worry!  I will go over this tool during day 1 of the Course, so do NOT PANIC!

Step 6:  You will receive an e-mail on SUNDAY, MARCH 22 in the evening which will provide you access to the daily sessions.  SAVE THIS LINK!  You will use it each day to access your class.

Step 7:  Be ready 5 minutes before your Merit Badge time…for Public Health MB, your sessions begin at 2 pm EASTERN TIME.  If you have conflicts on certain days or you miss portions due to timing issues, don’t worry.  We will share videos after the session for you to catch up!

When you sign into each day’s session, you will be able to hear and see the presenter.  You will also be able to TYPE questions on a chat field that the presenter will be able to answer.  You will be given a brief “tutorial” on how to use the online tools to complete activities and tests throughout each session.  Your participation and use of these resources will be important to your completion of requirements during each session.  Failure to participate during sessions and/or failure to complete assigned tasks between sessions will limit the number of requirements you will be given credit for.

A video will be provided after each day’s session for you to review after as needed; missed sessions due to conflicts can be “made up for” by watching that day’s video, but daily tasks MUST be completed for credit!

You will receive more reminders on these items (and maybe some additional helpful “tips” and resources) by e-mail between now and Monday.  Please plan on being ON TIME for the start of your first Session.