This is a great course and a wonderful way to develop leadership skills that will serve you well throughout life!  

The following requirements must be met for a scout to attend this course:

  •          Be at least 13 years of age
  •          Attained the rank of First Class
  •          Have attended a week long camp
  •          Comfortable in the outdoors with good scouting skills.
  •          Currently filling a leadership position or showing future leadership potential
  •          Have the scoutmaster’s recommendation
  •          Most Importantly they should be interested in attending this program

Troop 1011 will reimburse you for the cost to attend.  In order to receive this scholarship, you must show your course completion certificate.

If you have attended NYLT, then consider attending National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Summit Bechtel Reserve (W. VA) June 17-23.  

Dates Registration
17 Nov thru 21 Nov  
26 Dec thru 31 Dec Click here
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